My English literary life seem to have been stuck in a time warp some time ago. But the time machine has been unstuck (sort of) and here I am again, some… years after. Why ? Because some obdurate/loyal/wishful-thinking/adventurous people (all or none of the above) kept on visiting my SFWA website even though it had flatlined. I felt kind of obligated to answer their forlorn calls. And so I hope to keep this website alive. More or less. Depending. After all, I am supposed to be at the London Worldcon this summer, and I’d rather not encounter too many surprised looks (“What, she’s still alive ?”). I’d rather give advance warning.


 More recent News


There is a phase in a writer’s life when you get asked into reprint anthologies — I am finally there. Which I find heartening : “hey, I AM still alive !”. So be ready to find some of my stories alive again at some point, in books, and even online, as I Have Been Asked (and said “Oh yes”). I’m not being deliberately mysterious : they’re not out yet. Like I said above : advance warning. I’ll keep you posted.



News from the Long Past

Over summer and fall 2009, the following books were released: Blood out of a Stone was (and still is) a new SF short-story collection in English (with an introduction by Ursula Le Guin); Sang de Pierre was a new French short-story collection; Slow Dance was a collection of poetry. But that’s so passé… So much water has passed under that bridge… I can’t believe we’re in 2014…